Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Banish the soap-on-a-rope this year and get Dad something he really wants. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Big Green Egg

A ceramic kettle braai that he can pass on to his sons and grandsons, this baby just will not rust even in the worst of Gauteng Winters! Let him indulge his inner Jamie Oliver and grill, roast, slow cook, even bake to his heart’s content! It’s so much more than just a braai, but he can do that too if he wants! If he’s into new gadgets, he’ll love the fact that he’ll be one of the first few people in South Africa to own an EGG. If he’s a “Green Bean”, he’ll be well chuffed by the fact that it’s Green in more ways than just it’s name. Because of it’s unique design, Dad’s one bag of charcoal will last for ages! What boy doesn’t like something that doesn’t take yonks to clean – any left over ash is easily scooped out with the handy Ash Tool and any food residue just carbonises away at your next braai. Doesn’t that just tick all the boy boxes?

Visit www.biggreenegg.co.za for more info and your nearest dealer!


MTB Weekend in the Karkloof

Partnering with the Karkloof Mountain Biking Club, come enjoy a thrilling night ride on 15 June at 5:45pm and then enjoy a warm supper with your family at the Karkloof Country Club. Bring your own braai pack or buy one from the Pub at the Club. Remember, dress warmly. The Midlands in June is not for sissies!

Exclusive to Rockwood Lodges guests, a guided tour of the Karkloof is available on the 16th or 17th of June. Choose between a 20-30km or 30-40km ride covering the most amazing Jeep track and some moderate single track and see why the Karkloof is just exploding as a Mountain-Biking destination. Discounted rate of R100.00 per hour. Bookings through our reservations office.

Voltaic Solar Charger:

Came across this here gadget that I think all our boy folk would love. Strap it to your bike, your tent or your backpack and generate solar power as you go.


Lifeline First Aid in a Bottle Kit:

Oh so necessary when you’re out riding your bike, fishing, hiking or even birding. Packed compactly with much needed supplies like sting relief pads, bandages and even an Emergency Whistle!



DIY Project

Saving the best for last… Rope in the kids and make this Amazon Kindle cover for Dad.

What you need:

  • An A5 hardcover exercise book (about R10 from CNA)
  • A small tube of fabric glue (about R20 from Pick ‘n Pay)
  • Two pieces of fabric, one patterned, one plain, about 30cm x 1m (buy them as offcuts and they shouldn’t cost more than R10 each)
  • A short piece of ribbon, a button and needle and thread

What to do:

  1. Remove all the pages from the exercise book. Take care not to damage the spine as you rip them out – do it section by section.
  2. Divide your plain piece of fabric into two – one piece just a bit larger than your Amazon Kindle, another piece large enough to wrap the whole way around the exercise book, inside and out.
  3. Wrap the exercise book in your large plain piece of fabric as though it’s a present. Position the long, vertical seam on the outside. Fold the fabric over top and bottom to the outside. Glue the long seam down first. Then glue the tops and bottoms down neatly, following the instructions on the glue packet.
  4. Now take the patterned piece of fabric and use it as though you’re covering a school book. (Remember doing that?)
  5. Glue sides and tops and bottoms neatly down on the inside. Fold the edges of the fabric over before you glue them so that they look neat and don’t fray.
  6. Take the smaller piece of plain fabric and position it on the right hand inner side of the book so that it makes a pocket. Fold the fabric under at the bottom and on the sides and glue it down.
  7. Leave the Kindle cover under some big, heavy books to dry for about an hour.
  8. Sew the button onto the front cover. Use a little drop of fabric glue to make it hold strongly.
  9. Make a loop with your ribbon, then glue and sew it onto the back cover so that you can bring it around to the front and fasten it around the button securely.
  10. Put the Kindle into the pocket, close the cover and fasten the ribbon. Tadah!

Need pics to illustrate?