Trail Running for Beginners

As Nick Floros starts work on the new 20km mountain-bike and hiking trail at Rockwood Lodges, we enlisted KZN Trail Running to help those of us who want to get into this growing sport with some helpful tips.

  1. Wear the correct shoes: Shoes with traction are helpful for rugged, slippery terrain where your ordinary trainers just won’t cut it.
  2. Consider your running stride and be aware of the ground: If you are at risk of stumbling over your own feet, be sure to lift your feet a bit higher than when covering a paved path to avoid face-to-face interactions with branches, rocks, your feet etc.
  3. Leave your tunes in the car: Nature provides its own beautiful background music and it’s easier to hear other path users approaching with no distracting earphones.
  4. Don’t be afraid to walk: Listen to your body and enjoy the run – or walk – when you must.
  5. Bring a towel and change of clothes: Only a select few people truly enjoy the au naturel smell! Freshen up and head back to civilisation renewed and rejuvenated!
  6. Look where you’re going: Road runners normally look a fair distance ahead, but with trail running, look where your feet are landing or just ahead.
  7. Take a pack-pack, drinking system: Replenish, revive and enjoy the view!
  8. Do an organised run: Join others who are just as passionate about Nature and running as you are!
  9. Stretch: A Must for road running, but even more so with trail running and it’s undulating terrain to avoid
  10. Never look back: Follow Clint’s advice and you’ll be on the road to an exciting new way to enjoy Nature!

We invite guests of Rockwood Lodges to make use of this new and enhanced track which will be open in time for the holidays!