Karkloof, a Birding Paradise

The Karkloof is a dream location for birders or “twitchers” and boasts a number of rare and endemic species. The Karkloof Conservation Centre has these tips for those wanting to start birding:

  • Birding Kit Contents: Invest in a pair of good binoculars (8 x 42 are good), a field guide (Robertson’s Bird Guide as found in all our lodges), a pen and a notebook.
  • Identifying a Bird: Jot down the bird’s size, shape, bill, feet, habitat and “Jizz” (the way it generally behaves e.g. hopping, running, hovering or gliding) which is especially helpful in identifying other birds of the same species. A PDA or bird call CD are also useful tools.
  • Learn from other Birders: Spend time and ask for advice as you learn; you’ll soon be able to pass your knowledge off to someone else starting out!
  • Exercise your Birding Muscles: Hearing and vision are the two most important senses involved in birding, so exercise them well to keep them finely honed.