Rockwood History – Part 1

We’re often asked “What’s the story behind Rockwood” and have set out to tell the tale in our newsletter across the next few months and will be updating the blog too.

George Symons (1860 – 1943) was the first owner of Spitzkop farm on which Rockwood Farm House and Cottage are situated. With neither him nor his fiancé wanting to move from their respective home countries of SA and the UK, the wedding was called off and George settled on Spitzkop as a bachelor.

George never had any children and was by all accounts a quirky character who frequently entertained guests like John Goodman Houshold. John Houshold may not be the official Father of Aviation, but it’s a little known fact that he flew a glider from his farm at De Machtenburg (just outside of Spitzkop) for just over 1km in the early 18700’s. His mother, unfortunately, put paid to his flying experiments as he was interfering with their “natural earth-bound state” and would incur the wrath of God!

George kept an array of pets on the farm, including two Samango monkeys, Jacko and Jill, a dassie, a porcupine and a huge Copper snake called “Puffing Billy”.

We’ll continue with Rockwood’s history next month…