Bicycling SA’s Top 100 Trails

The Karklo#1 Trailof Mountain Biking Trails were voted the Number 1 trail in SA by top publication, Bicycling SA. Thanks to Landowners, Sappi and Karkloof Country Club members all coming together to support a well-loved sport:

Bicycling SA used the following criteria to rank our trails the best in South Africa:

• Rideability: While some trails are tough and technical, others are beginner-friendly and easy. The best trail combines challenge and fun in one trail – for all types of riders, from kids to experts.
• Accessibility: Great trails are also those we can jump onto within an hour from home. Take the Braamfontein Spruit, for instance: although not as exciting as the single tracks of Karkloof, its accessibility helps rank the Spruit in the top 20.
• Location: The beauty of the area where you ride is part of what mountain biking is all about. Trails that feature stunning scenery rank higher.
• Trail Conditions: Some venues, despite their location, lose points for the condition of their trails. Top-ranked trails like Karkloof maintain their routes constantly for year-round pleasure.

The Karkloof Country Club is 12kms from Rockwood Farm House and Cottage and we encourage you to become a member.