March for Climate Justice

Howick has a proud history of environmental activism and the town will once more lend its voice to a cause it strongly believes in – a 100% Clean Future. On 21/09/2014 global heads of state will be holding an emergency summit in New York City to discuss a unified government response to climate change. On this day, Howick residents will meet at Goddard Park near Howick Falls to deliver the millions strong call for a cleaner future. There will be face painting, personalised T-Shirts, childrens games, environmental experts and more.

What else can you do?

  1. Sign the Avaaz petition. Simply signing your name puts you on a journey towards one of the most defining moments in history.
  2. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, use the hashtag #PeoplesClimate and it will automatically be updated to
  3. Visit for more inspiration and ideas on what you can do.