Family Vacation Top Tips

  1. No Expectations: Except to have fun! Pack your “compulsive organising” self into a box and be flexible. There’s going to be at least one incident of snot-en-trane, so factor this in. If you’re planning the itinerary, don’t take it personally; just try and make most of the people happy most of the time (including you) and it will be a memorable holiday.
  2. Give yourself time: Packing one babyseat is enough. Add to this, an in-law or two, a PANK (Professional Aunty No Kids!), a fractious teen and you can understand why it’s necessary to plan for multiple stops along the way to keep everyone sane.
  3. Figure out any constraints: A hiking trip may not be best suited for the very young or very old for obvious reasons, but finding some middle ground is best for everyone. By the way, this tip can also be applied to the “trip budget” – a must have conversation best had before arriving at the Departures lounge!
  4. It’s all in the Timing: Four or five days is probably a good number to settle on. Any longer and people – even family – can get on each other’s nerves! Is it better to travel during the peak school holidays or a long weekend instead? If you’re able to, a holiday is always a bit less stressful when you don’t have to stand in queues, jostle for parking space and stew in peak hour traffic.
  5. Delegate and Share: Just because you are planning the itinerary, does not mean you are responsible for doing all the work. Involving some responsible family members means everyone has a say in what is being planned ensuring a higher success rate. Adding a cooking and cleaning schedule is a very good way of making sure everyone has a fairly equal workload while on holiday.
  6. Pencil in some ME time: Whether it is for you personally or you, your spouse and kids, ensure you spend some time during the holiday with your very nearest and dearest. Not everything has to be done as a group!
  7. Plan the next one: You may need some time to recover after the family holiday, but chances are you’d have learnt something about your relatives that you didn’t know before. Chances are even better that you’d want to repeat the exercise next year!

Remember, the Karkloof is a spectacular family holiday destination with something for everyone in the family to enjoy. From Mountain-Biking our own beautiful trails in the indigenous forest, to the public-accessed Sappi trails, to enjoying a spot of birding for rare species such as the Narina Trogon. Indulge in a leisurely afternoon fishing on the dam or cooking up a feast for your family on the Big Green Egg outdoor cookers. Choose to do as little or as much as you please when you stay with us!