Why taking a Lunch Break is Good For You

More and more employees are choosing to take lunch at their desk in the false hope of being more productive, when the opposite is in fact true. Regular breaks away from your desk actually result in higher employee productivity and all-round enjoyment of work.

Here’s what you need to know:

Greater ConcenReasons to Take a Lunch Breaktration: Getting away from your desk for as little as 15 – 20 minutes a day results in a significantly improved attention span and higher energy levels.

Lower Stress: A 2011 study by The Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology showed that employees who actively engaged in meditation-like activities for 20 minutes a day were less stressed than those employees who engaged in small talk with co-workers during the same time. Eat More, Talk Less?

Take a Nap to Improve your Memory: Our bodies are designed to start feeling sleepy around 2pm. So, if you’re able to, close the office door and take a power-nap of 20 minutes. Any longer and you’ll suffer from post-sleep grogginess called sleep inertia – not so good for productivity!

Eating Well: Snack on brain-powering foods such as avos, nuts, carrots and dark chocolate (like we needed another reason!)

Change in Scenery: Spend your lunch break in Nature if you can. Studies have shown the long term effects of less depression and anxiety amongst people residing in green urban areas. Interestingly, the ambient sound of a cafe has been found to be the most beneficial to creativity, so switch to a local cafe after lunch or recreate the effects with Coffitivity, Soundrown and more.

Schedule a Workout: Physical performance is at its peak and the risk of injury at its lowest between 3pm and 6pm, so go for a run or plan your gym visit around your lunch break for optimum performance and benefit.