Top 10 Tips for Travelling with Kids

  1. The Paperwork: From 1/10/14, all children travelling to and from SA will need an unabridged birth certificate and passport. Quick tip: Scan and email yourself copies of important documents to have in the event your luggage goes missing! This issue of travel paperwork requires a blog post all on its own, so make sure all your ducks are in a row before you hop on the plane!
  2. Invest in a Child Locator: Simply attach it to your little one’s belt or shoe and you keep the keychain remote. Pressing the buzzer will sound a 90decible alarm within a radius of 45m! Check out this local company.
  3. Brand your kids: Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? First prize is, of course, that they know your number, but a good back-up is to also write it on their arm!
  4. Designated Meeting Area: In each new place, make the first order of business appointing an area where anyone who gets lost can go to knowing the others will come look there first.
  5. Give them a camera: It keeps them busy and you’d be surprised at what they find interesting!
  6. Keep a travel journal: The older kids will enjoy “documenting” their holiday, where they’ve been, what they’ve done etc.
  7. Pre-Book Accommodation: Even if you want to keep things flexible during your holidays, it’s worth pre-booking the first few nights’ accommodation just to ensure a stress-free “acclimatisation”process.
  8. Keep a “surprise bag”: Fill these with toys-on-the-cheap that you can introduce when the little ones get restless.
  9. There’s an APP for that: Install some age appropriate apps onto your smart phone for those inevitable travel delays. Kids also love watching videos of themselves, so why not transfer short home video clips onto your phone or portable DVD player that they can watch while waiting for the plane.
  10. Life’s a journey – enjoy the ride: I can’t remember which car manufacturer’s slogan this was, but it makes sense. Especially when travelling with kids. It’s not about getting from A-B; it’s about enjoying the heck out of that in-between bit!

P.S. I loved this handy customised check-list.

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