10 Reasons why Forests are Important

  1. They help us – and the Earth – breathe: Just one adult leafy tree can produce enough oxygen in a season for ten people to breathe in a year! In turn, they absorb the planet’s Co2 emissions that fuel climate change.
  2. Trees act as a noise and wind buffer: Particularly useful when you want to enjoy a tranquil holiday.
  3. They help us relax: Studies have shown that exposure to forests, can speed up recovery, boost creativity and even surpress ADHD.
  4. Trees fight flooding: In the event of a flash flood, tree roots will help slow the flow and lessen the risk of property damage and soil erosion.
  5. They clean dirty air: By absorbing airborne pollutants, trees help us enjoy fresh air.
  6. They help save lives: The asthma drug theophylline comes from cacao trees, for example, while a compound in eastern red cedar needles has been found to fight MRSA, a type of staph infection that resists many antibiotic drugs.
  7. Trees help with job creation: According to the UN, more than 1.6 billion people rely in some way on forests for their livelihoods.
  8. Forests are more than just trees: Nearly half of all known species exist within forests!
  9. They make it rain:  Large forests like the Amazon can influence regional weather patterns that promote regular rainfall.
  10. We need them to survive: What more can we say?