Getting to know Sboniso

The trails you ride and hike at Rockwood Lodges are all taken care of by Sboniso Madondo, with us for almost 3 years.

Hhe answers our 10 Quick Questions below.

  1. “Where were you born?” – in the Karkloof.
  2. “How many children do you have?” – one.
  3. “What is the one talent some people may not know about you?” – I’m a good cook and soccer player.
  4. ” How would your friends and family describe you?” – As strong, I hope!
  5. “If you could choose your ideal job, what would it be?” – I would have wanted to study law.
  6. “If you were president, what would you change / do?” – To somehow reduce crime.
  7. “Have you ever won anything?” – Running at school.
  8. “What are you scared of?” – Snakes and lions probably!
  9. “What is the one thing you want to do before you die?” – My dream is to one day visit China.
  10. “How do you wish to be remembered by your loved ones when you die?” – I want to be remembered as good family man.
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