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Luxury Accommodation - Book Now

Four self-catering lodges

Relax, Unwind, Recharge

Move in time with nature

Mountain Biker's Paradise

Trails from your doorstep

Karkloof Private Nature Reserve

Escape to indigenous forest and grassland

Family Fun

Freedom of the farm

Create your own adventure

Cycling, hiking, fishing, birding, more

With all the public holidays and school holidays looming in April, many parents are dreading the thought of entertaining their kids during this time! Staying at Rockwood takes away this worry – just let them run off some steam in the Wild and they’d be tucked in by sunset! Some ideas to keep them busy:…

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Insist on your right to relax this long weekend! After participating in some gruelling mountain-biking, swimming, running events in February and early March, slow down a bit with your family. Pencil in to do nothing but take in the tranquil bush and bird sounds. Plan to laze around the dam with an easy to read…

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Our theme for the month of February is “Getting Busy in the Karkloof”. With the superb weather outside, you absolutely cannot gorge yourself on chocolates and soppy romcoms. You want to be out there, doing something, getting in touch with Nature! One of the ways in which you can do this is by participating in…

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It happens to the best of us. You receive excellent service while at a restaurant or in a store and resolve to compliment the waiter or shop assistant once you’re done. Alas, many of us leave without ever following up on these good intentions, leaving these poor servers never knowing that they’ve exceeded your expectations. Don’t…

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