General Information


Check-out / in

Normal check-out time is 11h00. Check-in from 14h00. If no guests are arriving the same day, we will happily extend check-out to 14h00. Please contact us to arrange for a late check-out.


The Lodge will be cleaned from 9 am to 12 am every day and again between 2pm and 4pm. Should you wish for the housekeeping staff not to return in the afternoon, please let them know during morning service. Cleaning staff duties include general cleaning, washing of dishes, making of beds etc. No cooking is included. We do provide a limited laundry service.

Where to eat

There are several restaurants in the area. We suggest you consult the Midlands Meander brochure provided for the latest. Alternatively, view some recommendations here

No Pets

As the Lodge is located in a nature reserve and is unfenced, no pets are allowed. Dogs especially are likely to chase the game and will disturb the Samango monkey troop which are resident around the Lodges. Small dogs are likely to be eaten by monkeys and/or crowned eagles.


Water in all lodges is perfectly safe to drink. Occasionally, especially after very heavy rains, the water may be murky at Forest and Mountain lodge. However, the water poses no health threat.

Cellphone Reception

There is permanent cellphone reception at the Farm Cottage and Farm House. Intermittent cell phone reception is available at Forest and Mountain Lodges. To get better reception, use your phone in a car kit, or drive to the edge of the indigenous forest.

No Malaria

There is no malaria risk in the area.

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